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Five Excuses to Fish More!

Posted on November 08 2017

Received this interesting abbreviated version of the article from Jon(Outdoor Empire). Thought this could give our fellow anglers some "excuses" to tell their wife/husband/boss...etc to fish more in future! Good luck! Many thanks Jon!

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Five Excuses to Fish More (Spoiler Alert: They’re All Health Related)

If you’ve stumbled across this article, you probably love to fish (or you love someone who loves to fish). And while it is sometimes tricky to balance your familial and job-oriented responsibilities with your insatiable desire to battle big fish, you needn’t feel guilty about wanting to spend more time on the water: Fishing, it turns out, is actually very good for your health.

Consider the following five health benefits you’ll enjoy from a day of fishing the next time you are trying to decide what to do with your weekend.  

1. Fishing gives you a chance to spend time with loved ones.

Many anglers tend to view fishing as a solitary activity. And, while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a day on the water by yourself, you can usually have an even better time by fishing with your spouse, kids or buddies. Spending time with those you hold dear is one of the most meaningful life experiences, so combine this with your love of fishing and start reaping the benefits immediately.

2. Fishing helps elevate your mood.

Doing anything you enjoy can help elevate your mood, but spending time outside and soaking up the sun actually improves your mood too. Anytime your body is exposed to natural, unfiltered sunlight, your brain will begin producing more serotonin – a chemical responsible for producing a sense of wellbeing. Just be sure to practice good sun safety when fishing, by wearing appropriate sunscreen and a good pair of polarized sunglasses.

3. Fishing helps support a healthy immune system.

Sun exposure doesn’t just elevate your mood; it also keeps your immune system functioning well. By getting regular sun exposure, you’ll be better able to fight off the colds and flus that are always going around. You can even enjoy this benefit during overcast days, as most of the sun’s healing rays will penetrate the clouds.

4. Fishing gives your lungs a break.

Respiratory illnesses are becoming more and more common in the modern world, as our cities and suburbs are blanketed with filthy air. But, because most fishing takes place in natural areas or in the open sea, you can give your lungs a break by fishing for the day. As an added bonus, you’ll be enjoying most of this fresh air straight from the trees that produce the oxygen your body needs.

5. Fish is a healthy, nutritious food source.

Most modern anglers practice catch-and-release fishing, and that’s a good default practice. However, most well-managed waters can support a measured harvest, so there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional fish home for the dinner table (just be sure to follow all local regulations when doing so). Fish is a lean, healthy food source, and many species are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

The five benefits detailed above should give you plenty of reasons to go fishing as often as possible (not that you needed any). However, these are only a handful of the ways in which fishing helps keep you healthy. If you’d like to learn a few other ways that fishing can keep you feeling your best, check out Outdoor Empire’s comprehensive examination of the topic. There, you’ll not only learn a few more ways fishing supports good health, you’ll also learn a few ways to maximize the value of these benefits.

~ Article from Outdoor Empire

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