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How to Take Care of Your T-shirt

T-shirts are available in a wide selection of styles, prints and fabrics. They can be costly as well as cheap, depending on from where they are purchased. But irrespective of the cost and the material used, the life span of a T-shirt is not especially long. T-shirts usually suffer from shrinkage, color fade, print fade or crack, tear, and threads coming out or puckering.  

Here are some useful tips you can follow to help your t-shirts last longer.

1. Although hand washing your t-shirt in cold water is the safest washing method, it is not effective especially if your shirt has stains. So when using washing machine, try to use the most delicate settings on your machine because this will ensure that your shirt is washed with a suitable water temperature to prevent from color fade and shrinkage.

2. Always turn your t-shirt inside out before putting it inside the washer.

3. Don't put your t-shirt into the machine with clothes of different color and fabrics.

4. Always read the care label on the inside of the t-shirt and follow instructions.

5. Don't use bleach or detergents which contain bleach.

6. After washing, dry low or hang dry.

7. If hang dry, turn your shirt inside out when drying.

8. If you hang your t-shirt outside, try to avoid direct sunlight because it can cause color fade.

9. We don't advise ironing your t-shirt. But if you do, iron inside out or on the backside (where there is no design printed). Always use a low setting.

10. If you don't wear your t-shirt often, keep your properly washed and ironed t-shirt lynching in the wardrobe, take care when hanging them on storage place. As this can extend out your collar ultimately. Instead it is better to leave them flat on the shelves of your closet.

Finally, no matter how well you treat your t-shirt, it will finally fade and wear off. Enjoy it while you can and take care of your t-shirt while it lasts.


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